Charles & Tania {Wedding}

The Cradle Lodge

We had the privilege of capturing Charles & Tania’s big day at The Cradle (which by the way, is one of the most beautiful venue’s that I’ve seen in a long time with a truly spectacular view!), and we’ve been looking forward to their big day for a quit some time! Tania is probably one of the most organized brides I’ve seen in a long time!  In between jet setting around the world, packing up and selling her belongings (since she moved to Canada a few days after getting married) and organizing everything with Charles who’s sitting in Canada, she managed to always keep us up to date with all the arrangements and had all her forms back to me in time as requested!  I was very impressed!  She is also one of the nicest brides I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet.  She was so relaxed on the day and took everything in her stride, not stressing once and laughing beautifully at every opportunity.  We met Charles the first time a week before the wedding, he had just landed in SA and saw the venue for the first time at our meeting.  Charles is the perfect partner for Tania, he compliments her in every way!

The Cradle offered numerous opportunities for beautiful photos, and we caught the sun just as it was setting that made for some beautiful sun flares.  The couple shoot was a breeze, Charles and Tania was so relaxed in front of the camera, the perfect models! The evening was filled with all sorts of fun, including our photobooth that kept the guest entertained throughout the evening!  I loved that everyone joined in the fun and acted silly in front of our camera.

Thanks guys for choosing us to capture your big day, we loved everything about your wedding, but more than that, we loved capturing your special moments, and hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!

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