Monthly archives:October 2013

Henk & Cassandra {Wedding}

St John's College Arriving at St John's College, the only thought that popped into my head, was that the place reminded me of Harry Potter and the big castle... It's absolutely breath-taking, with a beautiful view of Johannesburg, and filled with tradition.  The school boasts of forming extraordinary young men, and Henk is a prime example of that.  So it's only fitting that he had his big day at the very school that formed him for so many years. When I met up with Henk and Cassandra, I loved how comfortable they are in each other's presence.  I knew that their wedding day will be filled with joy and laughter, and it was exactly that!  We were a bit worried about the weather early on in the day, but when the time came to take photos, we had beautiful blue skies with a little wind to coo[...]

Mieke Voster {Newborn}

I met up with little Mieke one afternoon, and this little girl just didn't want to settle.  So after spending 2 hrs trying to get her to settle for the photos, I rescheduled the shoot to a few days later in the hope that we'd be able to settle her then... and it worked! She was an absolute angel; even when she was awake, her little eyes didn't miss a thing! And not to mention her beautiful parents! There was no sign of fatigue and Nathania looked fresh and amazing considering she's mom to a 14-day-old little one! Look at her little smile in the next one!  She was dreaming something wonderful, wish I knew what...

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