KiKi {Styled Shoot}

Waterfall Cove

KiKi comprises of a group of photographers that share their knowledge with one another, and I was so happy to hear that they were planning a styled shoot!  I immediately registered to be part of it all, and loved every second.  Thanks to our beautiful models for the day, as well as the decor guys that worked from early on to get everything ready for us. Theresa did a fantastic job on the girls, and the shoot came out beautiful!

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Service Providers
Venue Waterfall Cove River Edge Venue –
Models Angelika / Brandon & Stacy / Cindy
Make-up artist Theresa Saayman
Decor Charlene from Oopsie Daisy –



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  1. by cindy Prinsloo on March 19, 2014  2:16 pm Reply

    Beautiful pics! Really love your work.. well done!!!

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