Mark & Colleen {Wedding}

Toadbury Hall

I first met Colleen and Mark on their wedding day; I met Mark first as I arrived at Toadbury Hall on a beautiful summers day, he showed me where everything was going to take place and explained about all the overseas family that’s joining for their big day.  He had such a calmness about him, and I could clearly see why Mark and Colleen were the perfect couple as I walked up to Colleen’s room; she was sitting in the midst of chaos, people running around in various stages of getting dressed, calmly smiling and making me feel right at home.

If there’s one thing that really touched me throughout the day, it was their love for their little girl (who was a bit sick as well)…  Colleen carried her most of the ceremony without worrying about how she looked or how her dress got dirty, and I loved that about her.  She was a really easy-going bride, and it made my job so much easier!

The intimate reception was filled with laughter and lots of dancing, what fun everyone had!

Thanks so much for making me part of your big day, I had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy the photos!


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