Riaan & Natasha {Wedding}


Natasha has a very elegant air about her, and I could see it reflect in every part of the wedding detail, from the colour choice to the beautiful decor!  I loved their cake topper, laughed about it quite a bit (go check it out!)

We were blessed with beautiful light during our couple shoot, I loved the chemistry between the two of them, sure made for some gorgeous moments and I could just stand back and capture the magic!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Service Providers
Venue Avianto – www.avianto.co.za
Wedding coordinator: Wilna Meyer
Hair & Make Up Hair: Michelle
Make-up: Sarie
Both from Bonsai Huisie – T: 011 954 1407
The Dress & Suite Dress: Bride and Co – www.brideandco.co.za
Decor & Flowers Wedding Decor Designs: Dania Morris: 082 788 3164 – www.weddingdecordesigns.co.za
Catering & Cake Kelly Jayne’s Designer cakes – T:011 954 4153 – info@kellyjayne.co.za
Music & Videographer DJ: Jeani.V Deejays

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