Darryn & Shiran {Wedding}

the H.O.D

Shiran got dressed at a nearby hotel and arrived in fully dressed and ready for her groom-to-be’s first look.  The look on Darryn’s face when he saw her for the first time was priceless!

Now if you’re wondering about the theme of the wedding, one word – Steampunk. Now for those of you who don’t know what Steampunk means, it refers to any of the artistic styles, clothing fashions, or subcultures, that have developed from the aesthetics of steampunk fiction, Victorian-era fiction, art nouveau design, and films from the mid-20th century.  If you Google the word Steampunk you’ll end up with loads of interesting images that incorporates the old with the new etc.

The fun thing about this wedding was that all their friends joined in the fun and dressed up accordingly, which made for some awesome photos!

I hope you guys enjoyed the day, and that it was everything you hoped for!


Ps, can I also just add in that Shiran’s eyes are their natural colour, I promise that I didn’t edit them at all.  When I was busy working on the photos, I constantly saw how red her light brown eyes came across in the photos, it was very freaky and reminded me of the Twilight movies. So for anyone wondering if I did it, the answer is no, that’s just how her eyes look naturally.

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And what happens here after, I have no words for… Except that the people rocked the photobooth!©JeaniV_2267 ©JeaniV_2268 ©JeaniV_2269 ©JeaniV_2270 ©JeaniV_2271 ©JeaniV_2272 ©JeaniV_2273 ©JeaniV_2274 ©JeaniV_2275 ©JeaniV_2276 ©JeaniV_2277 ©JeaniV_2278 ©JeaniV_2279 ©JeaniV_2280 ©JeaniV_2281

Service Providers
Venue The H.O.D – www.garyfriedman.co.za
Hair & Make Up Make Up: Rehét Nieuwenhuizen – www.makeupbyrehet.weebly.com
The Dress & Suite Made by my mother and Norman Callan of The Boys
Decor & Flowers Made myself
Catering & Cake Gary Friedman Caterers – www.garyfriedman.co.za
Music & Videographer Music & Video: CS Productions – www.chadsterleyproductions.co.za


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