Christiaan & Leandri {Wedding}

Eden 2

Christiaan and Leandri’s wedding was the last one for us for 2013, and what a way to end off the year!  Leandri is a true beauty, and I could just see the awe on Christiaan’s face when he saw her for the first time (check out the photos, it’s quite funny).  I loved that they were very relaxed and enjoyed each other during the couple shoot, it made it easy for us to just capture the magic between them.  I hope you guys enjoy the photos!

©JeaniV_2529 ©JeaniV_2530 ©JeaniV_2531 ©JeaniV_2532 ©JeaniV_2533 ©JeaniV_2534 ©JeaniV_2535©JeaniV_2537©JeaniV_2538 ©JeaniV_2539 ©JeaniV_2540 ©JeaniV_2541 ©JeaniV_2542 ©JeaniV_2543 ©JeaniV_2544 ©JeaniV_2545 ©JeaniV_2546 ©JeaniV_2547 ©JeaniV_2548 ©JeaniV_2549©JeaniV_2550 ©JeaniV_2551 ©JeaniV_2552 ©JeaniV_2553 ©JeaniV_2554 ©JeaniV_2555 ©JeaniV_2556 ©JeaniV_2557 ©JeaniV_2558 ©JeaniV_2559 ©JeaniV_2560 ©JeaniV_2561©JeaniV_2562 ©JeaniV_2563 ©JeaniV_2564 ©JeaniV_2565 ©JeaniV_2566©JeaniV_2567 ©JeaniV_2568 ©JeaniV_2569 ©JeaniV_2570 ©JeaniV_2571 ©JeaniV_2572 ©JeaniV_2573 ©JeaniV_2574 ©JeaniV_2575 ©JeaniV_2576 ©JeaniV_2577 ©JeaniV_2578©JeaniV_2580 ©JeaniV_2579©JeaniV_2581

Check out the beautiful sky as a storm was approaching during the reception…©JeaniV_2536©JeaniV_2582 ©JeaniV_2583©JeaniV_2585 ©JeaniV_2584©JeaniV_2586©JeaniV_2589 ©JeaniV_2587 ©JeaniV_2588©JeaniV_2590 ©JeaniV_2591 ©JeaniV_2592 ©JeaniV_2593 ©JeaniV_2594 ©JeaniV_2595 ©JeaniV_2596 ©JeaniV_2597 ©JeaniV_2598 ©JeaniV_2599 ©JeaniV_2600





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