Graeme & Chantel {Wedding}


I met Graeme & Chantel for the first time on their wedding day – Valentine’s Day – and what a glorious day it was!  The weather played along nicely and I love the unique features that they brought to their big day; Chantel’s dress was something completely different, and together with the shoes (which by the way was hand painted by a very talented guy called Alastair Magee) formed a beautiful picture and a delight to photograph.

Chantel and Graeme were both very nervous while getting ready, but the relief was clear when they stood in front of the altar and the only thing that I could see, was their love for each other.  Their bridal party (or shall I call them bodyguards as there were so many groomsmen!) made for some great laughs and the couple shoot was a breeze!  The evening was enjoyed by all and I particularly love the photos that was taken at our photobooth, people really had a great time!

Enjoy the photos guys!

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Service Providers
Venue Avianto •
Co-ordinator: Larissa Nel
Hair & Make Up Maryke from Chase Hairdressing •
The Dress & Suite Dress: Leticia Smook (Bride’s sister)
Suite: Euro suite •
Decor & Flowers Helen @ Event inspirations •
Catering & Cake Cake: Magnolia Bake and Cake •
Music & Videographer Music: Steven @ 4Seasons Mobile Disco • 084 698 7074 •
Videographer: Private



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