Second Shooter – Darren & Tarrynn {Wedding}

Imperfect Perfection

On 15th of March I had the privilege to second shoot for Henriette from Howling Moon Photography (a fantastic photographer), so naturally you can imagine how excited I was when the opportunity came along!  Not only is Henriette a fantastic photographer, she is also a kind and gentle person and I can truly say that we had a ball!  I want to thank Henriette for just being awesome! Ps, did I mention how great Henriette is?? 😉

Now, a bit more about the wedding: We arrived at Imperfect Perfection to find a beautifully decorated hall where every little detail was pure perfection!  I loved the decor! Tarrynn did a beautiful job it putting together her colour scheme and the venue just complimented that in every way possible.  Tarrynn wore a beautiful gown that transformed her into a princess and Darren was such a gentleman. We were very lucky to have beautiful soft sunlight (the first in a whole month filled with rain!) and we managed to capture some amazing photographs of two beautiful people in love.   Naturally the evening progressed and a fun night was enjoyed by all!

©JeaniV_3095 ©JeaniV_3096 ©JeaniV_3097 ©JeaniV_3098 ©JeaniV_3099 ©JeaniV_3100 ©JeaniV_3101 ©JeaniV_3102 ©JeaniV_3103 ©JeaniV_3108©JeaniV_3106©JeaniV_3110©JeaniV_3109 ©JeaniV_3111©JeaniV_3114 ©JeaniV_3112 ©JeaniV_3113 ©JeaniV_3115©JeaniV_3117©JeaniV_3118©JeaniV_3116©JeaniV_3120©JeaniV_3119©JeaniV_3122©JeaniV_3104 ©JeaniV_3121©JeaniV_3128©JeaniV_3123 ©JeaniV_3124 ©JeaniV_3125 ©JeaniV_3127©JeaniV_3126 ©JeaniV_3129 Henriette in action©JeaniV_3130 ©JeaniV_3131 ©JeaniV_3132 ©JeaniV_3133 ©JeaniV_3134©JeaniV_3107

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Henriette showing the couple how to pose like models 😉

©JeaniV_3157 ©JeaniV_3158 ©JeaniV_3159©JeaniV_3160©JeaniV_3171 ©JeaniV_3172 ©JeaniV_3161 ©JeaniV_3162 ©JeaniV_3163 ©JeaniV_3164 ©JeaniV_3165 ©JeaniV_3166 ©JeaniV_3167 ©JeaniV_3168 ©JeaniV_3169 ©JeaniV_31705


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