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Hannes & Adri {Wedding}

Moon & SixpenceWhen I arrived at Moon & Sixpence, a very calm and relaxed Hannes met me at the door and I was amazed at how calm he looked.  The girls however were in various stages of getting ready, and in the middle of the chaos, I found Adri sitting quietly busy getting her make up done - it looked like she too was the queen of calm, which is always a good sign for any photographer!  The girls were done well in advance and we had some time to get a few bridal portraits done as well as some family photos, before the big walk down the aisle was set to start.  Seeing the look on Hannes's face when he first saw Adri was a great joy to behold, and throughout the ceremony I could see the love flowing out of these two.During the couple shoot, we had an unfortunate accident which left m[...]

Ralph & Leigh {Wedding}

Usambara I have the world of respect for Ralph and Leigh, and I know if you guys were aware of all the things happening behind the scenes while these two were busy planning their wedding, you would do too!  I'm talking about a venue demolition just weeks prior to their big day, and to top it off, a sick pastor the night before their wedding...  Yet when I got to Bakenveld House where Leigh was getting ready, she didn't show any signs of stress, and I was super proud of her for that.  You guys were champs throughout the day, keeping calm when everything went wrong and still managed to enjoy your big day and remember what it was all about.  After years of photographing weddings, I can normally tell which couple will past the test of time, and I know you guys will stick together for ever hav[...]

Gary & Mia {Wedding}

Die Akker I arrived at Die Akker on a lovely Autumn afternoon to find friends and family busy decorating the hall and making the decor... Now what you need to know about Mia, is that she is crazy about Disney stuff, so their decor incorporated characters from various animated shows, and this fairytale venue complimented the theme in every way possible.  As you walk through their gardens, you almost expect to see little pixies peeking out from beneath the green leaves; it really is magical. Mia was amidst the chaos busy directing people on how everything should look, stress levels were high and in came Gary...  All relaxed and smiling.  If I had to describe this couple, I would say that Mia is the kind of girl that you would know about when she walks into the room with her fire red hair[...]

JJ & Jaclyn {Wedding}

Aroma Café Last year I sponsored a wedding package in association with The Wedding Expo and Woman and Home Magazine, and this couple was the lucky winners on the package.  I met up with JJ and Jaclyn 2 days before their wedding, and listened in amazement as they told me how they met (those who know them, you seriously need to hear the story, it's quite hilarious!) - after hearing their story I just knew that these two can get through anything, and their love for each other was clearly visible to all. I woke up the Friday before their wedding and felt like a bus had hit me, my muscles ached and my head was killing me...  I stayed in bed most of the day hoping to shake whatever bug was busy working it's way through my body.  Saturday was one of the longest and most difficult days I ever [...]

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