Gary & Mia {Wedding}

Die Akker

I arrived at Die Akker on a lovely Autumn afternoon to find friends and family busy decorating the hall and making the decor… Now what you need to know about Mia, is that she is crazy about Disney stuff, so their decor incorporated characters from various animated shows, and this fairytale venue complimented the theme in every way possible.  As you walk through their gardens, you almost expect to see little pixies peeking out from beneath the green leaves; it really is magical.

Mia was amidst the chaos busy directing people on how everything should look, stress levels were high and in came Gary…  All relaxed and smiling.  If I had to describe this couple, I would say that Mia is the kind of girl that you would know about when she walks into the room with her fire red hair and sparkly personality, while Gary keeps her grounded with his relaxed personality and they balance each other out perfectly.

The ceremony ran a few minutes late, but everyone watched in awe as Mia walked down the aisle and as we continued in the day, I had so much fun with them!  (Keep your eyes out for Mia’s face with the horse as well as a few photo-bombers) The reception was a laugh-a-minute and the night was enjoyed by everyone!

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Isn’t she just lovely…?©JeaniV_3319 ©JeaniV_3321 ©JeaniV_3322 ©JeaniV_3323 ©JeaniV_3324 ©JeaniV_3328 ©JeaniV_3329 ©JeaniV_3330 ©JeaniV_3331 ©JeaniV_3332 ©JeaniV_3333 ©JeaniV_3334 ©JeaniV_3335 ©JeaniV_3336 ©JeaniV_3337 ©JeaniV_3338 ©JeaniV_3339 ©JeaniV_3340©JeaniV_3341 ©JeaniV_3342 ©JeaniV_3344 ©JeaniV_3345

I had such a laugh at Mia, she was so scared of this poor horse, and the poor thing just stood there not doing anything; we heard afterwards that he was in fact sick and had a fever thus the reason why he stood so still LOL!
Look at her face!

©JeaniV_3343 ©JeaniV_3346 ©JeaniV_3347 ©JeaniV_3348 ©JeaniV_3349 ©JeaniV_3350 ©JeaniV_3351 ©JeaniV_3352 ©JeaniV_3353 ©JeaniV_3354 ©JeaniV_3355 ©JeaniV_3356

Mia is such a classic surrounded by an air filled with drama, she should consider acting as a career!

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Check out the photo-bombers in the photos below LOL!


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