Ralph & Leigh {Wedding}


I have the world of respect for Ralph and Leigh, and I know if you guys were aware of all the things happening behind the scenes while these two were busy planning their wedding, you would do too!  I’m talking about a venue demolition just weeks prior to their big day, and to top it off, a sick pastor the night before their wedding…  Yet when I got to Bakenveld House where Leigh was getting ready, she didn’t show any signs of stress, and I was super proud of her for that.  You guys were champs throughout the day, keeping calm when everything went wrong and still managed to enjoy your big day and remember what it was all about.  After years of photographing weddings, I can normally tell which couple will past the test of time, and I know you guys will stick together for ever having already faced enormous challenges and very stressful times.

The day itself was a beautiful occasion which started off with Leigh and Ralph getting ready at the same venue, and from there proceeded to the ceremony which was conducted by their original pastor’s son.  He gave us a beautiful message and it was a bit touch-and-go with Leigh at times looking as if she’s about to faint, but we got through it and had a blast during their couples shoot!  The rest of the evening past by in a blur of dancing, fun props and memorable speeches.  I hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

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The Dress & Suite Dress – The Wedding Wardrobe: www.theweddingwardrobe.co.za/elize@theweddingwardrobe.co.za
Suit – Joubert Bros. Suits: www.jbsuits.co.za
Bridesmaids – Gelique: www.geliqueonline.com
Older Flowergirl Dress – Marita: 011 675 0567
Groomsmen – Eurosuit: www.eurosuit.co.za
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Bouquet Flowers, Corsages etc – Cherry Blossom Florists(Michelle & Gail):www.flowersbycherryblossom.co.za
Wedding Favours – Wants & Wishes: www.wantsandwishes.co.za
Table Seating & Menues – Pistachio Designs(Karin): www.pistachiodesigns.co.zaBride provided table number holders, blue butterflies & wishing well
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