Hannes & Adri {Wedding}

Moon & Sixpence

When I arrived at Moon & Sixpence, a very calm and relaxed Hannes met me at the door and I was amazed at how calm he looked.  The girls however were in various stages of getting ready, and in the middle of the chaos, I found Adri sitting quietly busy getting her make up done – it looked like she too was the queen of calm, which is always a good sign for any photographer!  The girls were done well in advance and we had some time to get a few bridal portraits done as well as some family photos, before the big walk down the aisle was set to start.  Seeing the look on Hannes’s face when he first saw Adri was a great joy to behold, and throughout the ceremony I could see the love flowing out of these two.

During the couple shoot, we had an unfortunate accident which left my second shooter (a.k.a my husband) with a bleeding hand; luckily Jay was back in a flash with plaster on all the necessary place and ready to continue with our shoot.  Hannes and Adri were great to work with, very natural and at ease with each other, which makes it easy to capture the love between them.  The venue was magnificent as always, Adri and Hannes spent a lot of attention to small details that made the whole day a beautiful affair, and we were blessed with clear skies and a beautiful sunset.  The night continued with the couple opening the dance floor with a choreographed dance which held the audience captive at every turn, and ended in much dancing and fun to be enjoyed by all.

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