Paul & Sinead {Wedding}


I first met up with Paul & Sinead during their engagement shoot (in case you missed it, here it is), and I was thoroughly warned that a big party awaits us… I was not disappointed!  But before I get to the party, let’s start with how beautiful everything looked; from the decor that had wisps of pink and ivory combined with silver and black, to Sinead in her ivory dress.  Everything was in it’s place, except when I walked into the bridal suite… There I found a flurry of girls in varying stages of getting ready, and Sinead sitting amidst it all, looking calm and in control, busy getting her hair done.

While I spent some time with Sinead, my second shooter (a.k.a my husband Jay) was busy having fun with the groom and his best men, and we met up again at the ceremony.  Even though the sun was a bit of a nuisance, shining brightly on the groom’s face, we managed to get some beautiful moments captured and proceeded to the couple shoot, which was a lot of fun! The rest of the evening went by in a blur of speeches and laughter, good food and dancing.

Thanks for choosing me to capture your perfect day!  Enjoy the photos!

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    Just beautiful thank you

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