Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel for weddings?

That’s like asking if I like chocolate! Naturally the answer is a big YES!

How long before the wedding should I book?

Due to the exclusive amount of weddings that I shoot, I would strongly suggest to book at least 6 – 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

How do I make a booking?

• Contact us via the Contact Us form on the website or email me directly at
• For weddings, please state the date of your wedding as well as the venue so that we can see what travel arrangements is necessary from our side
• For lifestyle shoots, please state the desired date you would preferably like to do your shoot and what type of shoot you’re interested in

Once I’ve received your email, I will send back our packages if we are available on your requested date.

• Once you’ve decided to make use of our services, just send me an email to make sure your date is still available and request a formal quote
• Email your proof of payment for the booking fee (50%) as well as the signed terms & conditions sent with your quote
• Wait for the email to confirm your date is secured

And just like that, your booking done!

How does the payment work?

For Weddings:

• 1st Payment – 50% Booking fee: the booking fee ensures that your date is booked and is thus non-refundable.
• 2nd Payment – 25% the week before wedding day via EFT
• 3rd Payment – 25% before I send your edited photos to you

For Lifestyle Shoots

• 1st Payment – 50% Booking fee: the booking fee ensures that your date is booked and is thus non-refundable.
• 2nd Payment – 50% before I send your edited photos to you

What are your travel costs?

We include a 50km free traveling radius from our offices in Silverfields, Krugersdorp, however, if your venue falls outside of that, it’s R4,50 per km (there & back). Accommodation will be required for functions further than 150 km from Johannesburg.  The cost of tollgates will be added when traveling outside Gauteng.

Can we add additional hours to our package if the wedding runs a little late?

Absolutely! If we need to stay another 10 – 15 minutes longer, it’s not a problem, however, longer than this will be charged at R2000 per hour or part thereof.

Can I get all the unedited photos as well?

All the photos that you see on my website and in the albums, are shot and edited according to a specific style to represent a finished product.  If I give out unedited photos, I give out an unfinished product, and that would be a misrepresentation of my work. Every photo that leaves my studio has been refined to bring out the best of what I envisioned when capturing that photo, and therefore is provided to my clients as a finished professional product that I am proud of.

When is the best time to take our couple photos?

The best time of the day for your photos, is the last hour before sunset, when the light is beautiful and soft. Keep in mind that the sun sets earlier in the winter than in the summer.

Here’s a basic guideline for best photo times:
• January – March and October – December between 17h00-18h30
• April –  September between 16h00-17h30

Should we provide you with a meal?

Yes please, as well as dedicated seating space in the reception area, kindly confirm quantity of seats required (keep in mind that we work with assistants and/or second shooters). Seating must be arranged in the main hall where the wedding reception is taking place, it doesn’t necessarily need to be with your guests, a separate table will be perfect – we don’t want to have pop in and out and miss any special part of your wedding. We need a place to sit down and take a break and somewhere safe to leave our equipment.

Do you do table shots?

I prefer not to do them for the following reasons:

• I don’t like interrupting people while their eating (which is incidentally the only time that all the people are at the table). This tends to make me very unpopular with your guests and I generally like it if people like me (LOL!)
• By the time we get to an appropriate time to do the table photos, the tables look like a mess and 9/10 times the centre piece makes it extremely difficult to get everyone into the photo without landing up in front of someones face.

If you do want big group shots of your guests, you can always dedicate a nice size area, get a nice couch or something and I will take a few group shots there.

You need to allocate a specific time to have these photos taken and arrange for someone (preferably the MC) to organize this and make sure that all the guests are present for their photo.  Please also inform me if this is something that you’d like to do so that I can be prepared and not be taken by surprise on the night of your wedding.

Can you remove change my nose / make me skinny / add some muscles?

I don’t do Photoshop surgery – we don’t want your children to think that they were adopted when they look at your photos.  On a serious note though, the editing that I do apply, is to enhance an image, and therefore I try to get my images correct in camera so that minimal editing is necessary.  This is why it is very important to choose your service providers carefully and make sure that you pick the best, because things like a bad make-up application can ruin every photo.

My friend / brother / mother is a budding photographer who probably will be shooting as well. Is this fine?

I don’t have a problem if they take photos during the reception of the guest etc, but during the allocated photo sessions I don’t allow any other people to tag along, I find it very distracting when I try to create a moment with my bridal couple and all I can hear is a camera clicking away or worse yet, another person saying something to make the couple feel awkward to pose for an intimate moment.

During the ceremony, all guests need to stay in their seats and I would prefer it if you can have your pastor/priest/minister announce this before the ceremony begins. They are welcome to take any photographs from their seats, but there is a growing trend these days where people step into the aisle to get a photo of the bride walking towards her groom and since I’m standing in front, ready and waiting to get the same photo, it means that they just stepped right into my frame and it just spoils the whole photo.

Please remember that in the end, you paid me to be your professional photographer, and it’s very difficult if I have to compete with several other ‘photographers’ to get the best photo.  Rather invite those budding photographer family and friends to be present during your day and to focus on the unity unfolding before their eyes. We live in a very digital world where we are so focussed on a little screen that we tend to miss out on moments happening around us – this is the one day where you can focus on those moments and make the most of them.

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