Do you do table shots?

I prefer not to do them for the following reasons:

• I don’t like interrupting people while their eating (which is incidentally the only time that all the people are at the table). This tends to make me very unpopular with your guests and I generally like it if people like me (LOL!)
• By the time we get to an appropriate time to do the table photos, the tables look like a mess and 9/10 times the centre piece makes it extremely difficult to get everyone into the photo without landing up in front of someones face.

If you do want big group shots of your guests, you can always dedicate a nice size area, get a nice couch or something and I will take a few group shots there.

You need to allocate a specific time to have these photos taken and arrange for someone (preferably the MC) to organize this and make sure that all the guests are present for their photo.  Please also inform me if this is something that you’d like to do so that I can be prepared and not be taken by surprise on the night of your wedding.

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