My friend / brother / mother is a budding photographer who probably will be shooting as well. Is this fine?

I don’t have a problem if they take photos during the reception of the guest etc, but during the allocated photo sessions I don’t allow any other people to tag along, I find it very distracting when I try to create a moment with my bridal couple and all I can hear is a camera clicking away or worse yet, another person saying something to make the couple feel awkward to pose for an intimate moment.

During the ceremony, all guests need to stay in their seats and I would prefer it if you can have your pastor/priest/minister announce this before the ceremony begins. They are welcome to take any photographs from their seats, but there is a growing trend these days where people step into the aisle to get a photo of the bride walking towards her groom and since I’m standing in front, ready and waiting to get the same photo, it means that they just stepped right into my frame and it just spoils the whole photo.

Please remember that in the end, you paid me to be your professional photographer, and it’s very difficult if I have to compete with several other ‘photographers’ to get the best photo.  Rather invite those budding photographer family and friends to be present during your day and to focus on the unity unfolding before their eyes. We live in a very digital world where we are so focussed on a little screen that we tend to miss out on moments happening around us – this is the one day where you can focus on those moments and make the most of them.

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